Working Through Self Criticism to Reach Self Love

Cator Sparks Unpack self-criticism and focus on self-love. 

What a gay coach can offer straight leaders: compassion, objectivity and an opportunity to “come out"

Graig G HoweAs a gay coach, I chose not to position myself as a coach exclusively to other LGBTQI+ individuals. Frustrated by many a poor leadership experience in my career in finance, I chose to try and improve this environment. I chose to bring my energy, passion, and care to bear on another group with significant challenges: leaders. Six years o...
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The Financial Cost of Being an Out Gay Coach

Brad Krueger

Are we paying a premium for being out? Is our client pool marginalized because of bias against gay men? 

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Resetting My Expectations

Thomas Keydel

A reflection on the importance of setting the right expectation. 

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One Year of Coaching and a Lifetime of Change

Cator Sparks What a wondrous journey coaching training has been. Through it, I have been completely rewired.  When I first started this journey, I was in such a different place. I was at a pretty low point and that's why I decided to really stop to rethink my life and what I wanted. I love listening and watching people blossom, and life coachi...
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Gay Male Coaches as Allies to Female Clients

Noor Alexander

Will focus on the unique dynamic of safety that is created when a straight female client works with a gay man, and how this can offer healing and a kind of intimacy with a man that is not available when there is the potential for attraction. 

Delivering Hard Truths: Crafting Feedback Without Triggering Trauma for Gay Coaches or Their Clients

Jeff Nally As gay men, we've received lots of unwanted feedback, judgement, and bullying in our lives about who we are at our core. Since feedback in coaching can trigger emotional, defensive responses in our brains, there are practical applications for gay coaches as we 1) gather stakeholder feedback, 2) summarize feedback for our clients, and 3) ...
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Conversations with an Elder

 Brian Gorman

Several years ago I began to mentor a 15 year old gay adolescent. When he was thrown out of his home at 18 because he is gay, I took him in and have since adopted him.

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Coaching Services as an LBGTQ Community Center Offering

 Mark Kennedy

LGBTQ coaching brings value to the community. A offer it as a model for other cities/towns.

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Being A Gay Coach in The Straight Corporate World

Jeff Nally, MBA, PCC

Selecting a gay coach or a coach who is "not like me," is a powerful context the coach/client relationship. 

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Beautiful Gay Tears

Bernie Kettle

The healing experience of one gay man, how he let go of some shame, and about how the healing of gay men contributes to the healing of the world. 

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