We're building a book: Call for Proposals

The Gay Coaches Alliance is creating an anthology of writing by our members about what our experiences and perspectives can offer the field of coaching and other helping professions. We are still looking for proposals.

Examples of what a book chapter may explore:

  • How does being a gay coach inform your practice working with clients?
  • How does being a gay coach inform your practice working with non-gay clients?
  • How has working with a gay coach impacted your own life?
  • What the coaching community at large needs to know about coaching gay men.
  • What unique perspectives can you share with non-gay coaches and allied helping professionals?

 Anticipated audiences for the book include:

  • Gay male coaches and other helping professionals (all experience levels).
  • Non-gay coaches and other helping professionals who may work with gay men.
  • Gay men who want to learn more about how coaching might benefit them.
  • Gay men who are interested in becoming a coach.
  • Social science researchers and teachers.
  • Coaching schools and coaching trainers. 

There are two basic categories of chapters that will reflect the diverse practices of our members in this book:

Anecdotal Reflections

These are narratives of an experience or observation relevant to this book’s focus. Length is 600-800 words, written in first-person voice (like a blog post).

For anecdotal reflections, think about these sorts of narratives:

  • Observations and experiences regarding gay men working with a gay coach.
  • Observations and experiences of gay coaches working with non-gay clients.
  • Coaching gay men searching for fulfillment, better life balance and/or better process clarity around areas of decision-making.
  • Coaching gay men working through relationships with other people, with systems beyond their control, or a higher power.

Method & Theory

These chapters describe a methodology, application, or theory relevant to the book’s focus. Chapters should demonstrate rigor, but not be too academic. Length is 1,200-1,800 words, written in third-person voice.

For chapters on method and theory, think about this sort of content:

  • Best practices, helpful methods, and useful frameworks for use with gay men.
  • Comparative explorations about potential processes and tradeoffs while working with gay men.
  • How being gay affects shapes the experience of coaching.
  • The translation of expertise into direct applied practice is paramount. Articles are not intended to be solely theoretical or self-promotional.

Who It's For

Our anticipated audience includes: Gay male coaches and helping professionals – including ICF Certified Coaches & Beginning Coaches – as well as others in the helping professions; people interested people in working with gay men or diverse experiences of coaching; Gay men who want to learn more about how coaching might work for them.

Creating an all-volunteer project like this will take time. To make our great GCA member content available earlier, we will begin by publishing contributor’s work in a blog. We will add the collection as work is completed. Eventually we plan to generate a book to be sold in electronic format as well as on-demand hard-copy publishing. The vision is to have initial materials available at the 2021 International Gay Coaches Conference, and a full collection by the 2022 conference. 

We plan to have initial materials available at GCA conference 2021, and a full collection by conference 2022.

Chapters in Progress...

Article Submissions are now Closed

A new round of submissions will be invited at a future date - so hold onto your article ideas.